IMC - Common Questions

This article has answers to a log of common questions we get from IMC delegates.

In this article:

Switching on a cluster computer

The computers in the clusters are set to go to sleep if they are not used for a while, as as part of the university's sustainability program. 

Try tapping a key on the keyboard of the screen is blank. If the computer doesn't wake up it might be asleep.

Location of USB, headphone sockets, and camera

The USB and headphone sockets can be found on the back of the screen on the left side.

Don't forget to take your USB device when you leave!

There is a camera on the top edge of the screen.

Blackboard Learn error in Chrome / Edge browsers

The cluster computers are set up for our students to use, and the web browsers (Chrome / Edge) are set to automatically log in to the Student's virtual learning environment (Blackboard / Minerva).

As an IMC delegate you don't have a log in for this, so you may see a "Sorry, but we're having trouble with signing you in" error.

You can ignore this error. 

You can open a new tab in the browser to get to the internet.

Sign in to use Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, etc

When you open Powerpoint or Word you may see a "Sign in to set up Office" message.

Click the "Sign in" button.

In the "Activate Office" window enter the username we've given you followed by and click "Next"

Once you have done this you can use any of the Microsoft Office applications.

If you want to use your own home or work Office365 licence you can sign out of the Office application, and sign in with the details you would use at home or work.

In the top right of the application window click your name and choose "Sign in with a different account"


Using Zoom to join sessions virtually

If you can't attend a Conference Session in person, you may be able to join it virtually using Zoom.

Check your delegate information pack for details.

You can find the Zoom application either on the desktop or under the Start menu.

In Zoom click the "Join a Meeting" button.

Enter the meeting details in the first box, and a name in the second box.

Click the "Join" button.

Log out of the cluster computer

Don't forget to log out of the cluster computer when you leave the desk.

Use the "Log Out" icon on the desktop.