Business Architecture Guidelines

This article presents the Business Architecture Guidelines which have been developed as a tool to support decisions and direction of change initiatives within the university. They cover considerations related to the business domain of the university and sit as a sister document to principles covering the technology architecture and data domains.

It should be noted that these guidelines are likely to be superseded by formal Business Architecture Principles owned and governed by the newly established Enterprise Design Authority (EDA) at a future date, and so serve as an interim tool.

The attached document lists and describes the following guidelines:  

Guideline 1: Business Architecture is aligned to University Strategy

Guideline 2: Business Benefit

Guideline 3: Standardised Process

Guideline 4: Adopt not adapt system processes

Guideline 5: Optimise Business Processes

Guideline 6: User Focused Design

If you require further information, please contact Anna Johnson ( - Head of Business Analysis & Business Architecture.