Guest Experience - Microsoft Teams

This article provides information on how to access University of Leeds Teams as a guest, after being invited by a member of the University.

If you are a member of the University and wish to invite an external user to Teams, please see this article.

How to access as a guest

When you get invited to a join a Team within University of Leeds, you will get an email from Microsoft to inform you that you have been added to a specific Team. The body of the email will look similar to the below example:

When clicking on the “Open Microsoft Teams” button via the email invite, your computer will attempt to open the desktop version of the Teams app, if you have it installed.

University of Leeds recommends using the web application instead, within the browser’s Incognito (If using Google Chrome) or InPrivate (If using Microsoft Edge) window to ensure you are signing into the correct account you have been invited with.

After you have clicked on the “Use the web app instead” button, you will be taken to the Microsoft login page to authenticate, before you can access the Team, as shown below:

Type in the email address you have been invited with. If you don’t have a Microsoft account via the email account you have been invited to access the Team, you will get an option to sign in with a one-time passcode, which will be sent to your email account:

Click on the “Sign in with a one-off code sent to your email address” link within the login page to receive the code.

Enter the code sent to your email account and click “Sign in”. You will then be redirected to the Teams web app to access the Team you have been invited to.

Microsoft may attempt to provide you with the option to use the desktop app instead. However, to avoid any access issues, click “Use the web app instead” link.

You should now have access to the Team you have been invited to within the University of Leeds and start collaborating as guest.

Useful Tips:

More on guest access can be found via this Microsoft article: Guest experience in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn