Podcasting: Help for Staff

In order to explore the unique opportunities provided in student education, innovative assessment, public engagement, research, professional development and more, the University of Leeds is supporting a pilot project for a centrally-supported podcasting solution.

Podcasting is available through two systems to accommodate different approaches to using the content style: Soundtrap for Education supporting module activities and audio assessment, with PodBean available to both staff and students for podcasts intended for distribution (globally or private streams to a narrow audience).

Visit the Podcasting Guides for Staff on the Digital Education Systems Help website for guidance and links to further support.

Requesting Access

Access to Soundtrap for Education is on a per-module basis and can be requested by module staff by submitting a Soundtrap Access Request via this website.

Access to Podbean is available for University-related activities. Staff can request access by completing a Podbean Account Request via this website.

Students may also request access, and are advised to speak to a tutor, academic advisor or other member of staff beforehand to discuss support needs for publishing content meant for public distribution. Please see our guide to Supporting Students with Podcasting Publication on the Digital Education Systems Help website for more information.

Need more help?

If you are having technical issues using Podbean or have questions that aren't answered by theĀ Podcasting Guides for Staff on the Digital Education Systems Help website, you can request support through this website (it.leeds.ac.uk). Make sure you are logged in, you should then be able to search for additional support options, such as submitting a support request or reporting something broken.