New Teams troubleshooting, workarounds and known issues

With the introduction of new Teams, there may be scenarios where you may need to perform additional steps to ensure things continue to work as expected. If you experience new Teams technical issues, please review the contents below:

Self Service troubleshooting
Known issues
Continued issues

Self service troubleshooting

If you are facing some technical issues that are affecting your use of the new Microsoft Teams desktop application, then clearing the cache on your device is recommended. Once you have cleared the cache, you should restart Teams. Please view our guide using the link below:  

New Teams Clear Cache


If you're experiencing technical issues with the desktop version of new Teams, where it won't give you access or other access-related issues, please look at the workarounds till your issue has been investigated by IT Services.

Office 365 Web Version: 

New Teams is available on the Web for Edge and Chrome. It will be available for other web browsers in early 2024. To access new Teams on the web, please use the link below:

Office 365 Web Version 

Use the Windows Virtual Desktop browser (WVD): 

The new Teams desktop application will be available W/C from 08/04 in WVD. Please use the link below to access it.


Known issues 

Microsoft have provided a list of known issues with the new Microsoft Teams which can be found here. They are working to resolve these as soon as possible but please check this page before contacting IT.

Continued issues

If you still have problems after reviewing this list, please contact the IT Service Desk: 

IT Services

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