Adding a Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint) recording to a Minerva module (using Mediasite)

If you record taught sessions using Microsoft Teams these are saved by default to Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint). Uploading these recordings into Mediasite allows your students to view this content more easily within Minerva, alongside the lecture capture recordings that may exist for the module.

Additionally, it is not currently possible to embed Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint) videos without having to manually manage access for each person who needs to view them. For this reason, Mediasite is also the most suitable platform for video recordings you want to embed in Minerva, as it removes the need to approve individual access requests.

This guide will show you how to transfer a recording from Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint) into Mediasite, and then add it to a Minerva module so that it appears alongside the scheduled lecture capture recordings that students can access when they click the Mediasite (Lecture Capture) link within the module.

Please note: You will need to have a staff role (Instructor or Assistant) on the module(s) you want to add recordings to.

Downloading the recording

1. Open the Stream (on SharePoint) Microsoft 365 app in a web browser. If you are are not already logged in you will be prompted to enter your University of Leeds username and password and complete DUO authentication.

2. You should now be able to see your recordings. To make it easier to find the recording you are looking for, you'll find options to filter your list of recordings (under the Recommended list of videos). For example, you can select 'Created by me', 'Meetings' or use a key word search. Select the video you want to upload to Mediasite. Your video will open in a new tab.

3. From the menu options running along the top of the screen, click the three-dot menu to the right of the 'Copy to' at the top of the screen, and then select Download from the drop down that appears. Your video will then be saved to the Downloads folder on your computer as an MP4 file, this is a common file type for videos.

Uploading the recording to Mediasite

4. We will now navigate to Minerva to upload the recording to Mediasite and add it to the Minerva module area. Start by logging into Minerva.

5. On the MyLeeds page, under Tools and Other University Systems, select Mediasite. Mediasite will then open/launch in a new tab.

6. From the options on the left, select Browse Shared Folders. A list of shared folders will be displayed. There should a module folder for each of the Minerva modules you have a Minerva staff role for (e.g. Instructor, Assistant).

Selecting the star icon next to a module folder allows you to favourite it. It will then appear under the Favourite Shared Folders area, making it easier to find in future. Note: Merged module folders are created on request. If you do not see a folder for a merged module, you can request IT to create one by completing a Mediasite Shared Folder Request form.

7. Select the module folder you want to store your recording in. If there are already videos in the folder, a list of these will appear.

In this example, we are uploading the recording to a shared module folder as this will allow the content to be managed by the University's retention and deletion policy. A future upgrade of Mediasite will improve sharing permissions. Therefore we recommend, using the relevant module folder where possible.

8. Now select  + Add Presentation from just under where your name is listed in the top right of the screen.

9. The Add Presentation options will then be displayed. From the three options available, select Choose File. You will then be prompted to find and open the recording you downloaded in step 3. Navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer and select the recording you want to add and click Open to confirm.

10. A pop-up window will be displayed on screen. Give your recording (Presentation) a Title and brief Description. The Destination field should already be pre-populated with the shared folder name you selected earlier (step 7). Ensure the destination is selected, then click Create Presentation. Your recording will then be processed, depending on the length of your recording it may take a few moments. You will not be able to move onto the next steps until the video has finished processing.

You will receive an auto-generated email advising you that the recording is available in Mediasite and ready to be reviewed, edited and approved for publication.

Your recording is now saved to Mediasite. You have the option to edit the video if you wish by selecting Edit Video. This can be useful if you need to top and tail your video (i.e. cutting the beginning setup and end out of the recording). Captions will also be auto-generated and you'll receive an auto-generated email when they have been completed.

Making the recording available to view

11. We'll now move on to make the recording viewable. Under the WHO CAN VIEW? section, slide the option bar to My Organization. A pop up will slide up advising: Success. The presentation is now viewable...

At this point if you were to click Share Presentation, you could generate a link and share this with someone with a University of Leeds account and when they clicked it, they would be able to watch it. You could also now embed this recording in Minerva.

However, we want our recording to appear when students click the Mediasite (Lecture Capture) link from our Minerva module content area, as this is where they will also find scheduled lecture capture recordings (made via the lecture capture system on-campus), so we have another step.

12. We need to assign the video to the module. Select Edit Details (to the right of the video), then on the Information tab (towards the bottom of the screen), scroll down to Modules. Select + Add Modules

13. This will open an Add Module pop up where you will now select the module you want to add. Modules are ordered oldest first and the list will show all the modules you have staff enrolments for. To see your newest modules, click on Page 1 and select the last page in the list that is displayed.

Alternatively, click the magnifying glass icon to open a search window. If you are enrolled on a large number of modules, it may take a few moments for the search to return the module you are searching for. Unfortunately there is no progress indicator, please be patient.

Once you have found the correct module, for the appropriate academic year, select it from the list, you will then be taken back to the Edit Details screen.

14. The module you selected, should now appear under the Modules section of the Information tab, select Save to finish adding the module.

Now when you, or your students click the Mediasite (Lecture Capture) link within the associated Minerva module, the video you attached by following the steps above should appear alongside all the other videos uploaded using this method and the lecture capture recordings.

Note: the Mediasite (Lecture Capture) link will need to be Visible to students, for them to be able to see it.