Science Warehouse "IT approval" workflow

This article provides information on the IT approval workflow in Science Warehouse and includes a list of the current approvers.

Why do IT need to approve my order?

The IT Approval workflow in the Science Warehouse e-requisition system (also known as Advanced) has been put in place to ensure that, where appropriate, all purchases of IT equipment and software are made via IT Services.  This is so that we are aware of incoming equipment and applications that we need to install and support, we can ensure that they are fit for purpose and that they meet the University's standards for support and security.

What is the process?

The workflow in Science Warehouse is based solely on supplier.  If the requisition includes items from an IT supplier then the requisition needs approval by a member of the IT approvers group before it progresses to the budget holder approval step.  For most consumable items we will simply approve the requisition for it to move to the next step.  In some cases we may ask for more information about the items before approving the requisition.  On other occasions we may reject the item(s) and ask you to submit an IT request so that we can fully assess your requirements, make additional recommendations and also ensure that any equipment purchased is added to our inventory and management systems for ongoing support.

If you need to escalate an approval, the current IT Approvers are: