Use of the staff intranet

This article is for users of our new employee intranet.

It covers: 


We launched a new employee intranet for the university in February 2024. Its primary objective is to provide a single source of trusted information about the university to help employees perform at their best.

It includes the latest university news and information on our strategies, policies, services and guidance for colleagues.

Work in progress

Gone are the days when you’d launch a web-based channel in a complete and perfect state. The modern trend is to be agile and launch a channel that can continue to develop, grow and be refined, according to user experience.

So the intranet is still work in progress and a number of sites are still under construction. There will be links to other information sources, particularly to share information with other audiences such as students and collaborators.


The Internal Communications team has overall responsibility and oversight for the intranet. Each site has a business content owner who will have responsibility for their sites.

Accessing the intranet

All employees in the university will have access to the intranet, providing you are logged onto the network.

You can access the intranet here.

The intranet will be initially set as the home page on your browser, which can be accessed through the home icon at the top of your screen. We will shortly be setting the intranet as the default site on your browser.

You can also access the intranet on your mobile phone by adding the intranet homepage into your browser and signing in using your usual university log-in details. For those colleagues who do not have staff logins, we’d encourage you to apply for one so that you can access news and other university information.

If you do not have access to the intranet please contact Internal Communications at

There may be some sites and pages that you cannot access. If you get any messages denying access please report this to Internal Communications at

If you are struggling to find information on a particular site please raise this with the site or page owner which should be named on those pages.

Access is open to the whole university staff community. Certain sites are open to students. Access has to be provided specifically to those sites for students to see the content.

Display settings

In certain settings, the navigation bars on the intranet may not be fully visible. You will notice this as the navigation bars will include an ellipsis (…). You can click on this and see other content.

However, the intranet design should ensure that the full navigation bar shows without the ellipsis. You can change your settings by going to your desktop screen, right clicking and selecting display settings. Go to Scale and layout and change the setting to 100%.

Personalising your content – what matters most to you

The intranet allows users to ‘follow’ sites of particular interest or relevance to you.

Here you can see that this user is following Research and Innovation but not Working with students.  You can change this setting by clicking on the text. This option is available on every site.

Snapshot of Research and Innovation site with Following link circled

Snapshot of Working with Students site with Not following circled

When you choose to ‘follow’ a site, you will get an email notification once a week alerting you to any new content on those sites. In your email inbox it will be labelled SharePoint Online - news you may have missed.

SharePoint will also automatically pull through the intranet sites you follow into My Sites which you can find on the lefthand toolbar on every SharePoint page. It also includes Teams sites and any Viva Engage communities you have joined.

Snapshot of the intranet site with the My Sites globe icon circled

News on the sites you are following will also appear in the lefthand toolbar under My News.

Snapshot of intranet site with News icon circled

You can also personalise the My Links section on the intranet homepage by clicking on View all tools.

Snapshot of the intranet showing the MyLinks section

This will open up a new window which will provide a directory of All Tools, by clicking on the favourites ‘star’ button it will move that tool into My Tools for easier access in future.

Snapshot showing My Tools and All Tools with the search box, location and company filters

Navigating the content

At the top of the intranet homepage there is a navigation mega menu which sets out all the hubs and sites across the intranet.

Hubs are a collection of related sites. For example, we have a number of sites related to Research and Innovation and they are linked directly to one hub to make it easier to find related information.

These hubs will ‘roll up’ news from all their sites onto a landing page and there will be a specific navigation bar for each hub.

Therefore, news can be:

Finding colleagues

Most sites on the intranet will introduce you to teams. Where members of teams or colleagues are listed, you can access their profiles which are created from our employee database, including contact details.

You can do this by hovering over or clicking on the colleague’s name.

You can access your profile and add in further details about your skills, experience, interest and projects you are working on.

To do this you

Finding a policy

We have created a specific hub for all university policies which can be found from the menu on the intranet homepage. It shows the most viewed policies and includes links to all other policies which will be hosted within a business service site. For example, all finance policies are on the Finance site but you may find it useful to go to the policy hub first.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

Each site and specific pages should include details of site/page owners or have contact details for that service, and you can view the full list of owners in this spreadsheet. Feedback will enable site owners to consider changes that will improve findability.

Failing that please contact

Do you know you can leave comments or raise questions on sites and pages?

All pages and news provide the opportunity for colleagues to add comment or questions. This facility is at the bottom of the page.

Your comments will automatically identify you as the author. Please use these channels responsibly.

On some sites, Conversation feeds have been included. These connect to Viva Engage (another Microsoft 365 application previously known as Yammer). Community forums can be set up in Viva Engage and the Conversation feed added to pages. These might be called ‘Comments or questions’. ‘Conversations’, ‘Ask us anything’. If you’d like to do this please raise with Internal Communications.

Again, this allows any colleague to post comments or questions freely. Site and page owners will be responsible for monitoring those posts and responding when required.

User feedback

Feedback is encouraged so that we can continue to develop, improve and refresh the intranet over time to meet your needs. Please direct to Internal Communications

Technical issues

If you experience any issues that you suspect are technical, such as access, please raise a ticket with IT.

Setting up new sites

If you would like a site on the intranet please submit a request to IT

Your form should ask for a SharePoint Communication site and make it clear that you want the site to be added to the intranet.

Note that any content on the intranet is open to our community and needs to comply with all data protection protocols.

The Internal Communications team will review your request and approve in all cases where there the purpose of the site is to provide useful information for our staff community.