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This article serves as a central hub for all Teams knowledge base articles at the University. Its purpose is to help you locate the knowledge base articles that are relevant to specific parts of the Teams service. Please review the headings below and click on the corresponding knowledge base article links to find the solution or advice related to your issue.

New Teams 
General Info for Team Owners 
General Info for Team Users 
Meetings & Events 
Teams Voice 

New Teams 

What is new Microsoft Teams? 

Accessing new Teams

New Teams Clear Cache 

New Teams troubleshooting, workarounds and known issues

Changing Teams picture in new Microsoft Teams

General Info for Team Owners 

Guest Experience - Microsoft Teams

Choosing a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams 

Add members and guests to a team in Microsoft Teams 

Team Owner, Member, and Guest capabilities in Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams - Minerva Class Teams T&Cs and FAQ 

Your inactive Dataverse for Teams environment will be disabled email message

General Info for Team Users 

What is Microsoft Teams? 

How to move OneDrive files into a Teams group

Microsoft Teams - How to access and pin an app 

Preventing interruptions in Teams 

University backgrounds for Microsoft Teams

Which Tool When: Microsoft Lists, Planner, Tasks in Teams, or To-Do

Which Tool When: Microsoft OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint

What is Microsoft Teams Premium?

Convert Microsoft Teams Wikis into OneNote 

Meetings & Events 

Get started with Microsoft Teams Webinars 

How to delete Teams meeting recordings and transcripts

How to: Meetings and Calls in Microsoft Teams 

How to: use Polls in Microsoft Teams meetings, channels and chats 

Live Events in Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams Meeting Attendance Report 

Use live captions in a Microsoft Teams meeting


Change to default storage location for new Microsoft Teams meeting recordings 

How to sync Microsoft Teams and SharePoint files with OneDrive

Sharing Microsoft Stream (Classic) Teams recordings with users who are external to the University

Stream (Classic) Teams Meeting Recordings

Stream (on SharePoint) Teams Meeting Recordings 

Teams Meeting Recordings: Storage Location, User Access and Permissions 

Teams Meeting Transcripts in Stream (on SharePoint)

Teams Voice 

What is Microsoft Teams Voice? 

Blocking a specific number in Teams Voice  

Call Groups in Microsoft Teams Voice  

Teams Voice - FAQs

Microsoft Teams Voice 'if unanswered' call answering rules