AppsAnywhere Upgrade

AppsAnywhere is being upgraded. There is a new look to main portal but the way you launch your software will remain the same. 

The new AppsAnywhere portal

When you log into you will notice that the main portal has a new streamlined look. Only 8 applications are shown on the main screen. This view can be amended in the preferences menu (see below). 

You can search for a required application and launch this directly from the search bar. Alternatively you can click "View all apps" to see all the applications available to you on your device. 

Once you click launch, applications will be added to the CloudPaging player in the same way as before. 

Validation Changes

AppsAnywhere has changed the way it validates on your machine. You will now notice a purple spinning circle icon in the bottom right of your screen while the system validates. This will then change to a green tick once successful. For more info on the validation process and the new validation troubleshooter, refer to the Getting Started guide listed in the related articles section on the right of this page. 

Themes and Preferences

You can now choose if you want to view the portal in light mode or dark mode from the Preferences menu located at the top right of the screen. Here you can also select if you wish to increase the number of applications displayed from the default 8.  


You can also download the AppsAnywhere client and re-validate your device from the Profile menu also on the top right of the screen.

If you need to report an issue to the IT Service Desk, you can get the device information from the Profile menu and copy this into any IT Service Desk communication. This will help the support team investigate any issues. 

Student Hub

You can also now visit the AppsAnywhere Student Hub for quick help videos.