Self Service software installations (and other functions) on Macs

In modern enterprise computing environments, end users are increasingly used to being able to install selected applications via a self-service mechanism, removing the requirement to be an administrator on the device in order to install required software.

With the introduction of the Jamf management system for Macs, University of Leeds Mac users now have this same functionality available to them.

Launch the Self Service app

The Jamf Self Service app is just like any other installed application in terms of how it is launched. Use your preferred method of locating and launching the app, which may include:

As with any app, Self Service may be kept in the Dock for ease of future access.

Dock item

Navigating the catalogue

The Self Service app is designed to be intuitive, so navigation is largely self-explanatory. Key areas are:

Self Service

Additional notes

There is an option to log in, but you may ignore this. Running entries from this catalogue does not require you to be logged in.

Not all categories will be shown each time you use Self Service. Only items relevant to your machine will be shown.

Entries in the catalogue will generally only be offered to devices running a supported version of macOS (the latest and previous two versions). If your device is not running a supported version of macOS, you may need to upgrade first before some software is offered to you.