Booking a room with Outlook

This article will explain the process of how to book time with a room from your Outlook calendar.

An explanation for how to find a room will be provided within this article, however if you think that the room has not yet been created in Outlook you can request a new room using the link below.

How to book time in a room

You will book time with the room from your own personal Outlook calendar by inviting it as an attendee. Please follow the steps below to do this.

Open Outlook and navigate to the calendar tab, click on an entry in your own calendar and then click ‘New Meeting’.

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This will open the following window.

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To check that the room you want to book in already exists, click the ‘Address book’ button (Desktop Outlook). Ensure that you are filtering by the ‘Global Address List’ option under Address Book and search for the room name. The example below shows a search for Worsley Building 7.010. The search result shows the room already exists and can be booked.

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Double click the room name to add it as a required attendee and press OK. This will add the room to the meeting as a required attendee.

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Add other attendees and set the time of the meeting, send the meeting invitation. If the time slot is free the room will automatically accept the invitation and it will be booked into your calendar, otherwise it will automatically decline, and you will have to select a different time.

Please note: The room may have settings which restrict it to being bookable by some staff only. If you are concerned about being unable to book a room due to not having permission to do so, please raise an IT request at

How to manage a room’s calendar

If you have been delegated as the owner, you will have permissions to access the calendar through Outlook on the web. Please follow the knowledge base article’s instructions linked below to do so.

Rather than entering the address of a shared mailbox, please enter the address of the room account instead. This will open it in a new tab and allow you direct access to the calendar.

If you are unable to do this, you may not have been given the permissions required to do so. If you believe you should have these permissions, please contact IT by raising a request at

How to search for a room in Outlook Web

If you want to search for a room without booking it, log into Outlook at There will be a search bar at the top of your view, enter the room name or number into the search bar and if it exists then it will appear as a suggestion.