Timetablers Guide to ensuring lecture capture recordings are set correctly

To ensure a lecture capture recording is made and assigned to a member of staff, Timetablers should complete the following tasks below.

Timetabling staff should:

  1. Schedule the teaching activity and set the Factor on the teaching activity to either 1 or 2, (3 is used where a recording is not required).
  2. Assign at least one member of staff to the teaching activity. Where one member of staff is assigned they will be become the owner of the recording. Where multiple staff are assigned one of them will become the owner.

Ensuring staff are assigned correctly / troubleshooting

If staff indicate they have not received their scheduled lecture capture recordings, along with checking the activity is set up correctly (as above), Timetabling staff should check the S+ record for the member of staff. Please check:

  1. the staff username is correct (make sure there are no spaces in the field in S+).
  2. the staff payroll number is correct. If a member of staff's contract change for any reason, their HR number may change, their most current number must be recorded in S+.
  3. PGT students who also teach must have a staff record in S+ which uses their staff username and staff HR number. You cannot use their student details to attach them to teaching activities as staff.

Correcting this information should ensure the member of staff receives future scheduled lecture capture recordings.

If you are also managing the lec_cap inbox for your school and are the designated Change Owner Administrator for your school you may also find the following articles of interest:

General Advice

Team taught modules/activities

Where a module is team taught and multiple staff are attached to a teaching activity in the timetable software, one of the attached members of staff will become the owner (the system allocates an owner randomly). If the owner wants to transfer ownership to someone else, or someone else on the module team is the owner and it needs to be someone else, staff should be directed to contact their school Change Administrator as outlined in Request a change to the owner of a lecture capture/Mediasite recording

Varianting/splitting activities

Where appropriate, varianting an activity so that only the member of staff who is delivering the session is attached will ensure that the recording goes to the correct person.

What happens after a scheduled recording is made

After a scheduled recording is made, the owner of the recording receives an automated email advising that the recording is ready and will be auto published in 72 hours unless the owner intervenes. Where there is no owner, the recording will still auto publish in 72 hours.