Upgrades to macOS 14 (Sonoma)

In September 2023, Apple released the latest version of their macOS operating system - macOS Sonoma (version 14). Until December 2023, this version has been actively withheld, subject to testing by IT and an early adopters group.

In November 2023, Apple has announced a new catalogue of devices, which will begin to ship with Sonoma pre-installed.

Following satisfactory testing and the release of the first sets of bug fixes, we are now removing the active block on upgrades to Sonoma, although this does not necessarily mean you will be able to upgrade straight away.

Brand new devices

Any new device being commissioned by IT from November 2023 will be upgraded to Sonoma, if it has not already had it pre-installed, before being issued to the user.

Re-imaged devices

All macOS devices being re-imaged by IT, which are capable of running Sonoma, will be upgraded to this version in preference to all previous versions. IT will always re-image a device to the latest version of the operating system that it is capable of receiving.

Self-driven upgrades

Users planning to upgrade their device should consider the following:

Other considerations

If the upgrade would mean your macOS version increases by more than 2 major releases e.g. 10.15 (Catalina) to 14 (Sonoma) it is likely that IT will prefer to fully erase your hard drive and run a completely fresh installation.

Upgrading by one or two major releases may be offered via the Self Service app in due course, for which further documentation will be provided.

Known issues

Requesting an upgrade

Users on ARM-based devices running 12.3 or above will be prompted regularly to invoke the upgrade themselves from System Settings / General / Software Update. Such users do not need to raise a request.

Sonoma upgrade

If there is a pressing requirement for the upgrade e.g. your macOS version is no longer supported, please log into https://it.leeds.ac.uk/it and raise a general request. You should state the details of your device and why it should be upgraded.

Other users will be contacted during future phases of the macOS modernisation programme over the coming months.

It is your responsibility to ensure all your work is backed up prior to the upgrade and to check whether the software you have installed will be able to run once upgraded, or that a compatible update for your target macOS version is available.