Purchasing IT equipment - Interim Process whilst IDAM is implemented (from September 2023)

The introduction of the new IDAM (Identity and Access Management) service requires a change to how laptops are ordered for new members of staff.

This article provides brief guidance on the interim guidance whilst the ordering processes are being revised (Most likely early 2024 due to competing priorities)

This KB article covers the following

How to order a laptop on behalf of a new joiner

With the new Identity and Access Management solution a new joiner will only get an IT account when they have completed mandatory checks with HR. The account will be enabled the day before their contract starts. This means a new joiner cannot order themselves a laptop prior to their start date as they have done recently. Instead the hiring manager or member of the local support team, will need to order a laptop on behalf of the individual.

The interim process uses the existing form to request a Standard or High Performance Laptop. However, put your own name in the "Who is the request for?" boxes

If the device is being delivered put the address of the new joiner in the address boxes. In the delivery instructions - please put the name of the new starter

An overview of the process is explained in KB0015550 Purchasing IT equipment, software and services

The full process is explained in KB0014341 Purchasing laptops and desktop computers

If you, as the requestor receive the laptop and are going to pass it to the new joiner - DO NOT open the package, use or allow anyone other than the new joiner to use the laptop. To do so will register the laptop with the wrong person and will prevent the new joiner from using the laptop themselves. That will create a delay whilst IT attempt to rectify the matter.

If you have any questions about this process please reach out to Phil Worsley on Teams.