What is Viva Engage?

Viva Engage (formerly known as Yammer) is an app in Microsoft 365 that allows you to share stories, ask questions and have discussions, either on your own ‘storyline’ or in specific groups or communities.  

Who can use it?  

Viva Engage is available to all University staff and students 

How do I access it?  

The following links will take you to the Microsoft support site.  

Support for Viva Engage 

Viva Engage is provided as part of our Microsoft license via best endeavours support. This means IT does not yet fully support it and you will need to refer to the Microsoft support and training resources below if you need help with using Viva Engage. 

Should I set up a Microsoft Teams group or a Viva Engage community?  

Although there is some overlap between Teams and Viva Engage, they fulfill different purposes.  

You can access Viva Engage either through the web app, or through the app within Teams.  

Getting started - what do you want to do?  

Are there any features of Viva Engage that aren’t currently available at the University? 

You may see some features mentioned in the Microsoft documentation that aren’t currently available in Viva Engage at the University of Leeds. These include:  

We will update this document when they are available.