Digital Identity Change Process Updates

Whether you want to change your preferred first name to a nickname (for example Philip to Phil) or you have a more complex or sensitive name change the process is the same - use the Identity Change request form at the Equality & Inclusion website. The form provides a secure, restricted route to submit information and has successfully supported identity change requests since it was introduced.

If your digital identity change is more complex or sensitive then a Digital Identity Change Analyst will coordinate this change along side colleagues in HR and SES.

When the new Identity and Access system goes live it will reduce some of the manual processes that can result in errors, and reduce the number of individuals involved in the process.

Username Format

The way usernames are generated is changing, so that they relay less information about individuals (eg, for students: initials, year of entry, and course).

New staff and students will be given an anonymised username which consists of four random letters followed by numbers, contributing to better security and privacy measures.

This table shows an example of what a username and email address could look like:

Display NameRobin BloggsRobin Bloggs [dkp3687]

Existing usernames won't be changed, but people can request a new username with the updated format via the Equality & Inclusion website.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IDAM Project team at