What is the Identity and Access Management project?

Identity & Access Management (IDAM) services are part of the Cyber Security team and deliver digital identity services across the University. This includes:

What is Digital Identity?

Digital Identity is the collection of data attributes which describe an individual. These attributes determine the data, systems, applications and services that the individual can access at the University.

Why is Digital Identity important?

Proactively managing digital identities provides staff and students with access to the tools and services they need in order to work and\or study, while ensuring that access is revoked in a timely manner, when it is no longer needed or authorised.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) raised an alert in 2021 that the UK education sector is at high risk from ransomware attacks. Therefore, it is crucial the University prioritises security to protect the institution.

What is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and Access Management (IDAM) is a framework of processes, policies and technologies that enable an organisation to identify and secure employee, customer and visitor access to their systems.

The University’s Identity & Access Management Project

The primary goal of our project is ensuring that only the right people have access to the right systems and applications at the right time. We are implementing a modern technology solution so that the insecure and unsupported legacy technology, LURCIS (Leeds University Registry and Certificate Issuing System), can be switched off.

This project will bring several benefits to the University’s current identity and access management processes including:

Application Integration Functionality

The IDAM solution will be integrated with University applications and this project activity is known as ‘application onboarding’. There are two types of integration that the new IDAM solution could have with the downstream applications. These can be defined as:

What are the project timelines?

Please check the Identity and Access Management Project Updates article (KB0017151) in the Related Articles section for more information on what we are delivering and when.