What's new in IT Services – July 2023

A lot’s been happening behind the scenes in IT recently. Here are just a few of the latest developments. 

Annual LURCIS roll forward 

The annual LURCIS student roll forward was completed earlier this month. 

It is a routine annual operational process which enables accounts to be created and updated for new and existing students. It’s an essential prerequisite of the student registration processes. 

It’s no small task, either – the fact that the team were working with one of the oldest legacy systems in the University, combined with recent changes (like Banner moving to the cloud), it was inevitable that they would have to overcome issues both new and old. 

Yet they were able to, and the process was complete successfully. A huge thank you goes out to all involved! 

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New Contract Information for Software Compliance (CISC) process 

When purchasing or renewing software/applications there are minimum standards that must be met to ensure the University meets all its internal policy and legal requirements.  

To help you through this process, you will need to fill in a Contract Information for Software Compliance (CISC) request

This has recently been updated to help make it easier for you: 

Please visit the IT website for more information

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Moving Jadu to the cloud 

This month, we’ve made changes to all our key websites that use the Jadu content management system (CMS).  

We’ve moved 18 of the University’s websites from our campus-based servers to a new cloud-based system to enable them to access the latest updates and help keep our data secure. 

Much like when you check your payslips, Jadu now needs a secure connection, so you’ll need to access it either using a machine connected to the University’s wired network, the Pulse Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

You’ll also need to set a new Jadu password, different to your previous one and your main University account. 

There's also an article available where you can find out more about the current status of the project and the known issues we’re working on. 

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Jason Preston talks about project delivery 

Our Director of IT Project Delivery recently discussed what project delivery is and what the team is currently working on as of July 2023.  

Watch Jason's video

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ParkIT becomes PermIT 

The University’s car parking permit system changed from ParkIT to a new system called PermIT on Thursday 20 July. 

Existing staff bookings, visitor bookings, day credit balances and staff permits were all migrated over, and you won’t need to re-apply for a permit. 

You'll notice some changes to the booking process. There are guides on the car parking website in the Important Documents section, or you can contact carparking@leeds.ac.uk for help. 

You’ll still need to be logged into the University’s network to access PermIT, using Virtual Windows Desktop if working from home.  

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IT conference awards 

On Friday 30 June, we celebrated those colleagues who have made a huge contribution to the department and our work over the past year. 

Held as part of the IT staff conference, it was a chance for us to tip the cap to those who have delivered great service to the University community over the past year – from completing tricky projects to helping others, technical wizardry and much, much more. 

While winners in most of the categories were nominated for by IT staff, nominations for the Recognition of Excellence Award came from colleagues across the University.  

Thank you to anyone who nominated someone, and congratulations to all our nominees and winners. 

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