Purchase of replacement Dell laptop power adapters

The power adapters supplied with our standard range of Dell laptops are not covered under the 5-year warranty and are only covered for 1 year with a brand new laptop if they develop a fault. They are easily subjected to significant "wear and tear" and this is not covered under warranty.

Should you need to replace the power adapter for your Dell laptop due to loss or damage, you may arrange for your own local purchasing / admin team to purchase the appropriate model of adapter for you, without needing to submit an IT request.

The standard laptops are supplied with a 65W or 90W power adapter. When replacing or purchasing an extra power supply, the price difference between the lower and the higher-rated models is very small, so we recommend opting for the items listed below. Your laptop will draw the power it needs from the supply, so a higher-rated alternative will not cause any issues with the laptop. Higher-spec laptops, especially those with a dedicated GPU, will require more power. You should purchase a new adapter with at least the same wattage as the original.


90W USB-C DELL-59TVW - Dell Part: 450-AGOD


90W barrel DELL-MVH4P - Dell Part: 450-ABFY


130W USB-C DELL-VW0G0 - Dell Part: 450-AHRK


All our standard Dell laptop models will accept charging via at least one of the USB-C ports. Only certain models are fitted with the "barrel" style connector, so please select carefully.

These items are available in the Dell Punchout, if you have access to that, or can be searched in Science Warehouse and purchased from a variety of other suppliers. All will offer a 1-year warranty only.

The following is an example taken from the Dell Punchout for illustration purposes only. Prices shown should not be taken as correct.Dell power adapters