Update | Buying software

Based on your feedback, we’ve made some changes to our Contract Information for Software Compliance (CISC) form. 

The latest iteration of our Contract Information for Software Compliance (CISC) request is now live.  

Here’s what’s new: 

It’s not on Microsoft Forms 

The form to fill out is now integrated into the IT website.  

This means that it’s easy to find through search, includes extra content to give you some more information before you start (more on that below), and can be added to your favourites list.   

List of questions up-front 

Often people found that they would start to fill out the form, only to find part way through that they needed to break off to find out the answer to a question they perhaps weren’t expecting to have to answer.  

We’ve now made the full list of questions available before you start, so you can have a better idea of what you might need to cover.  

Pre-approved CISCs 

You’re now able to see what software has been approved previously for other teams and departments around the University. 

This means that if you’re looking to purchase the same thing, you’ll be able to submit your form answering fewer questions. 

DES involvement  

Our colleagues in Digital Education Systems used to have their own form – the New Digital Education System Request. It asked a lot of very similar questions, so these have now been included in the CISC form to make everything more streamlined. 

What is the CISC process for? 

In short, it’s not to check that it is a ‘good’ contract.  

If you’re planning to purchase new software, this process is to help check that it will be compliant with University and regulatory standards regarding security, data protection and governance.  

You should check things like whether service levels, response times for support and so on are appropriate for your needs before filling out the CISC request.   

Find out more about the CISC process