PermIT - car parking permit management system

PermIT is a car parking permit management system that is used by UoL staff, to arrange parking on campus for themselves and external visitors. Find out how to get started, and where to get help. On 20th July 2023 the application will be upgraded from the existing version (Parkit) and moved to a new cloud based server. Please note the new link below and update any bookmarks.

How to get access

To access PermIT: Open Internet Explorer or Chrome and enter the PermIT URL

Please note, if accessing the site off campus, or via Wi-Fi on campus, Windows Virtual Desktop is required.

Who can access PermIT?

PermIT can only be accessed by University of Leeds staff on the main University payroll.
New starters – it can take a few days after the official start date for a new users profile to be generated.

Who to contact for help

For any help with the PermIT system please visit the University’s Car Parking website (, where useful help guides, and further information are available.

Alternatively, please email the Car Parking Team at