Further information on email changes (June 2023)

This article will provide more information around email changes in June 2023. 


Due to changes made to email infrastructure in June 2023 we are no longer routing mail through on-premises servers, this has meant a lot of legacy email configuration has had to be retired. As such, the way that the University processes email has changed.

Where possible all care and due diligance has been made to migrate services with as minimal impact as possible however please test to ensure that your systems are still able to send email. If you do not test that your email service is still able to send mail then you may find it will not send later down the line. 

If you previously used an external provider to send email through University email servers this is no longer possible, please get in touch at the earliest oppurtunity for IT to assist. 

External providers that send email directly out through the internet and not through University email servers will not be affected by this change. 

If you test and your email does not send or you encounter any issues, please get in touch with the Service Desk at it.leeds.ac.uk.