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This article is a hub article for all Email knowledge base articles at the University. It is intended to be used to find knowlegde base articles corresponding to specific parts of the Email service. Please review the headings below and attached knowledge base article links to find a solution or advice relating to your issue. 

Email Applications

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Setting up your email FAQs

Setting up Desktop email clients (Home and University PCs)

Setting up Office 365 in Mac Mail

How to install Office 365 on personal devices

Creating a new Outlook profile

Setting up email on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Setting up email on Android devices

Using a web browser for email

How to access a Shared Mailbox through Outlook on the web

Adding a Shared Mailbox in Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Searching in a Shared Mailbox

How to check quarantine

Setting delegate access on a mailbox

How to access a mailbox as a delegate

Sending Email

Blocked attachments in Microsoft Outlook

Using the plus email addressing feature to provide alternative email aliases

Room Booking

FMH - How to book Worsley meeting rooms via Outlook

How to add a Shared (resource/room) Calendar in Outlook

How to edit membership on a Shared (resource/room) Calendar in Outlook

Configuring Outlook Room Booking Settings

Booking a room with Outlook

Office365 Group

What is an Office 365 Group?

Outlook Calendars

How To Share an Outlook calendar with other people

How to allow someone else to manage your email and calendar

How to manage another person's email and calendar items

Known issues with shared calendars in Outlook

Microsoft Personal Booking Calendar

Booking a room with Outlook

Shared Mailboxes

How to access and use a Shared Mailbox

Removing a Shared Mailbox

How to view private items of a Shared Mailbox

Distribution Groups

O365 Distribution Group Hub

Moderation of O365 Distribution Groups

Miscellaneous settings of O365 Distribution Groups

Distribution groups - FAQs

How to create a contact group in Outlook

Email Security

Safe Links

Safe Attachments

Emails incorrectly going to spam or junk in Outlook

Share calendar invitation email blocked by Trend