Moving the M and N drives, and Documentum, to the cloud – update

A brief update on the progress in the project to move the contents of the M and N Drives, and Documentum, to cloud storage alternatives. 

We’re working to move the existing M and N network storage drives, and Documentum – a piece of document management software that some teams around the University use – to the cloud.  

Our project team are nearing completion of an initial discovery process around the current ways Documentum is used around the University. Thanks to those teams who have worked, or are about to work, with us to complete this stage of the project. 

This means that the focus is now starting to shift over to examining what is stored on the M and N drives, how it is used and who needs access to it.  

Naturally, given the amount of data the University has on these drives, and the various forms it takes – this is not a quick job! 

This means that we’ll be making sure we take extra time to ensure that we’re as thorough as possible with this work.  

The team will continue working on this behind the scenes for now, but plan to consult you – the University community – as they progress to better understand the size of the task, your needs, and where best to store everything moving forward. 

Once they have a better idea of the amount, and nature, of the data they are dealing with they will be able to come up with a clearer plan around moving the data and a rough idea of approximate timescales. 

Of course, we’ll keep everyone updated as these details are put in place.  

In the meantime, we have various pages outlining the differences between using OneDrive and SharePoint for storing your work, and how OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint all work together within Microsoft 365.