Alternatives to ABBYY PDF tranformer

The version of ABBYY PDF Transformer on University computers is no longer being provided by the supplier. If you already have it installed, it will continue to work but it will not be updated, and we recommend you start to use one of the alternatives below. It will not be possible to install it on new computers or reinstall it if your device needs to be reimaged.


Microsoft 365
If you just need to create PDFs from a Word, Excel or other Office document, you can save as PDF direct from Microsoft Office 365 applications.

Corel PDF Fusion
This is available on AppsAnywhere. AppsAnywhere has been pre-installed on most University computers. Corel PDF Fusion provides most of the functionality of ABBYY PDF Transformer. It can be used for converting and combining PDFs, adding comments and combining multiple PDFs. There is a user guide on the Corel website

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
This requires an individual licence, and is available to purchase through the IT website (currently £88+VAT for a full year, but please check the most up to date price list).