IT Annual Review

Over the last year IT has been working hard to improve our service, and we've summarised our progress in the IT Annual Review.

Dan Simms stood in front of some internal windows
Dan Simms, Chief Information Officer

Over the past year, we have continued to modernise and secure our digital foundations - seeing us make vital improvements to our core infrastructure and applications. We migrated several major systems, including our student record system (Banner), Finance and HR system (SAP) and our core website platform, to the cloud. This ensures that the systems that are critical to University operations continue to be secure and reliable.

We have continued to make strides with our cyber security. In some areas, for example, identity and access management, we are moving into a sector-leading position. This journey, while complex, has been anchored in our collective commitment to excellence and a collaborative approach between IT Services and colleagues across the University.

Looking ahead to 2024, we plan to focus on improving our service, emphasising proactive activities and working in partnership with academic and professional services colleagues. The focus will be on ensuring that the basics, such as equipment provision and student software delivery, are working as expected.

Central to our plans is forming faculty/professional services-aligned IT teams. These teams will help us get closer to our teaching and research and re-establish relationships with colleagues. All while following important standards, such as cyber security, to protect the University. By fostering closer collaboration between IT professionals and academic staff, we’re setting the stage for a future where technology seamlessly supports learning, teaching and research.

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