IT Annual Review

Over the last year IT has been working hard to improve our service, and we've summarised our progress in the IT Annual Review.

Dan Simms stood in front of some internal windows
Dan Simms, Chief Information Officer

While you will be familiar with some aspects of our work, such as the networks and software you use daily, that is only one small aspect of what we do. Alongside solving over 100,000 IT issues and requests over the last 12 months, we have also delivered significant positive change as part of our strategic programmes. 

A big theme for this year has been modernisation and getting the basics right. We describe much of what we have delivered as being 'beneath the tip of the digital iceberg' as it is not always immediately visible - but is hugely important. Most of the progress has focused on updating our old systems (we call this addressing 'technical debt'), improving our cybersecurity position and laying the foundations for future digital transformation.  

Here are a few examples of the changes we've been implementing: 

This is just the tip of the digital iceberg - beneath, many thousands of hours have been spent driving improvements. 

This activity is laying the foundations to enable a better experience for student learning and research activity, and also improvements to the University's processes, infrastructure and physical estate. 

We recognise and appreciate that there is still so much more we need to do. Delivery of the basics and providing excellent service is not only what you expect of us but what we expect of ourselves. We hope the annual review demonstrates that we are making progress and provides confidence about what we have planned next.