Top ten IT courses

We’ve rounded up some of the most helpful and popular IT-related online courses from around the University. 

Below you’ll find a collection of on-demand LinkedIn Learning content, and Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL) instructor-led sessions covering everything from deep dives into Microsoft365 to broader digital skills and assistive technology.

A student smiling while sat with a laptop.

This 45-minute LinkedIn Learning Path covers the use of OneDrive at Leeds. 

A LinkedIn Course focusing on getting to grips with Teams and its various features. It should take around three hours. 

Aimed more at newcomers to the University, this can also function as a handy refresher for others on some digital basics. It’s a LinkedIn Learning Collection with around 1 hour 30 minutes of content. 

This LinkedIn Learning Path lasts approximately 1 hour 56 minutes has aims to get you thinking about writing clearly and succinctly, whether it is while creating IT documentation, or answering competency-based questions. 

A quick (approximately 12 minutes) LinkedIn Learning Path for staff and students exploring the use of Assistive Technology, such as transcription and dictation. 

Online tutor-led course for staff that lasts around two hours and offers a deep dive into the some of the specifics of using Excel for data analysis.  

Two-hour long online tutor-led course for staff that explores the use of built-in formula functions, and how you can use the auditing tools to help you identify errors in your formula. 

Another two-hour online tutor-led session to enable you to view, edit and print large sets of data. 

Aimed at postgraduate students who are preparing and writing a transfer report or thesis in Microsoft Word. An online, tutor-led course lasting around two hours. 

This LinkedIn Learning course covers working with SharePoint sites and documents, and provides an overview of what you can start to do by using it with Outlook or from Teams. It takes around two hours to view.