Mediasite - Change Owner Tool

Recordings can only be owned by one person within the University. Where ownership needs to be transferred e.g. wrong owner, staff leaving, changing roles etc. this tool allows Change Owners to change ownership for recordings of scheduled teaching.

Getting access

Access to the Change Owner tool is restricted to authorised staff members only. To request access please speak to central Timetabling ( who can authorise an access request on your behalf.

Using the tool

To access the tool go to

Search for a recording

You will need either the name of the recording that needs to be changed or the module code and date. The current owner should have the recording title in an email when the recording took place. If the recording has no owner and went to one of the generic owners e.g. searching the module name in the format <MODULE> <DATE> e.g. ELU001501 01/03/2023 should bring back the recording. Please make sure you double check it is the correct recording by checking date, time and location.

Screenshot of Mediasite Change Owner tool showing example recordings with no additional data entered

Change the recording owner