Windows BitLocker Encryption Recovery Key Self-Service

By default the Windows Operating System (OS) encrypts devices using the BitLocker feature to protect the OS drive and data from unauthorised access.

Unauthorised access, or some changes to the BIOS , firmware updates, hardware changes or adjustments to boot files can trigger a prompt for a recovery key and you will need the BitLocker Recovery Key to authorise access.

This article will explain how to access your BitLocker Recovery Key in the event of your device requiring unlocking.

BitLocker Self-Service Recovery Portal

If you are assigned as the Primary User of device you will be able to recover the BitLocker Key

The portal to achieve this can be accessed via a web browser at, and logon with your University username and password, and follow the prompts for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA),

You will be presented with the overview page, here you can select  either "Devices" in the left panel, or Click "Manage Devices" tile to list devices that have associations with your user account. 




On the devices page, select the device you wish to view the BitLocker Key to expand the options. If you are Primary User of the computer you will see an option to "View BitLocker Keys". Click the Button the view the key ID.

Expanded Device tile with View Bitlocker Key button

A new pane will pop-up, click the "Show Recovery Key" button. Click on the button to revel the recovery key. Click on to copy the key to the clipboard.

Show Recovery Key Popout window with button and device name


Once you have the key you can enter it at the prompt on a device requesting a key.



Applying the BitLocker Recovery Key


When presented with the BitLocker Recovery Screen, Press Enter.


Windows BitLocker Blue Screen Press Enter


You will see the Recovery Key entry box, with the Recovery Key ID below it. Ensure the Recovery Key ID you have retrieved from the myaccount portal matches the ID, then type the string exactly.  Note that Incorrect combinations will turn red.


Once you have successfully entered the key, press Enter and your device will start up and present the logon screen.

If the BitLocker Recovery screen appears repeatedly on subsequent restarts it could indicate an issue with your device and you should log a request with the service desk.