Microsoft Outlook set-up and additional configurations on Windows 11 devices

If you have received a new Windows 11 desktop or laptop, there are some additional configurations you will need to complete in Microsoft Outlook so you can have the best experience using your email account.

These have been outlined below but might be optional to you depending on how you used your emails before: 

How to reconnect your Outlook email address on your new Windows 11 device 

This action might not be required for all users. However, if prompted, you will only need to complete these steps once after you have completed your first Windows 11 sign in. 

1. Open the Outlook application: You can open Outlook from the 'Start' or 'Search' menus, or by clicking on the 'Outlook' icon on your desktop or taskbar 

2. Connect your University of Leeds email: Because you are using the Outlook application for the very first time on a new device, it will ask you to connect your University of Leeds account. This might already be pre-populated with your University of Leeds email, so all you need to do is select 'Connect'. If it is not pre-populated, insert your University of Leeds email.  If prompted, please sing in with your University of Leeds username including ( and University of Leeds password, followed by your two-factor authentication via Duo Push or by entering a passcode.


3. Allow time for completion: Outlook will add your email profile to the application. Please note this might take a while to complete depending on how many emails you have.

4. Connecting additional accounts: If you have other University of Leeds accounts (shared mailboxes, admin accounts, etc.) to add to your Outlook, go to 'File' on the top-left corner of your Outlook application, then select '+ Add Account' to repeat steps 2 and 3. 

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How to add your email signature 

If you had an email signature in your previous device, you would need to save it again in your new Windows 11 device. 

  1. Locate your signature from previous emails sent to others: In your Outlook application, navigate to the 'Sent Items' folder on the left-hand side menu. Find an email which contains your email signature. Highlight the signature, right-click on the text and select 'Copy'.
  2. Find the Signature window: Use the search box at the top of your Outlook application to search for 'Signature'. Select the 'Signature' item under the 'Actions' title, then click on 'Signatures...' 
  3. Add your signature: The 'Signatures and Stationery' pop-up window will open. Click on 'New' and give your new signature a name (click on 'Ok').

4. Select your default signature: If you wish, you may select from the drop-down your new signature to appear by default on new messages and replies/forwards. Once you are done with all changes, click on 'Ok'. Under the 'Edit signature' field, right-click to paste the signature you copied in step 1 then click 'Save'. 




How to import your email back-up 

If you have created a back-up .pst file of your emails from your other devices, follow the instructions provided by Microsoft to import the .pst file data into Outlook.