Getting started with Company Portal

If you have received a new Windows 11 desktop or laptop, some software can be downloaded via the Company Portal. This guide contains information on how to download software using the Company Portal.

Installing software via the Company Portal 

Step 1: Open the Company Portal 

From your 'Start' or 'Search' menus, type and select ‘Company Portal’ to open the Company Portal application.  At this stage, you may be prompted to log in using your University of Leeds username followed by and your University of Leeds password.  

Step 2: Search for the software you wish to download 

Select ‘Apps’ on the left-hand side menu or use the search bar to find the software you wish to download. If are unable to locate the Apps menu or the Search Bar in your current view, please make sure to expand the vertical banner by selecting the three lines on the top left corner of the page.   

Step 3: Select the desired software and install 

Select the chosen software from your search. Next, click on ‘Install’ to initiate the download. 

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Step 4: Wait for the download to complete  

The software download status will change from ‘Download pending’ to ‘Installed’. 

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Step 5: Find the software in your Start and Search menus 

Once the software is installed, you can find and access it from your 'Start' and 'Search' menus. 

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