Jadu - Publications on People Profiles

Publications that are displayed on People Profiles in Jadu come from Symplectic, a database used by all academic staff at the University of Leeds.

If the 'Symplectic ID' and 'Display publications data on my profile' fields are filled in on your Staff Profile in Jadu, your publications will appear at the bottom of your profile as Journal articles, Conference papers, Chapters, Books, Others and My five most recent selected publications and My other selected publications.

The 'Five most recent selected publications' is a manual selection of publications which can be controlled by you via the Symplectic system. Once logged in select the 'Publications' section.

You can select and deselect your five most recent selected publications by marking publications as 'Favourite' using the heart shaped icon. If you have more than five publications marked as 'Favourite' the oldest of these will appear under the 'My other selected publications' section of your Staff Profile.

A publication in Symplectic showing the heart shaped icon which is used to mark a publication as a Favourite