Wikis in Microsoft Teams are being retired

Wikis are being retired from Microsoft Teams. Microsoft plan to retire them in mid-February 2023, but this date may change.

What happens to my existing wikis?

When Microsoft make the change, a banner will appear at the top of your wiki with a button which will allow you to easily export your wiki to OneNote, which provides a better editor and more flexibility. We will provide more information when Microsoft make the change. 

Do I have to move to OneNote?

You will still be able to edit existing wikis, but we strongly recommend you move them to OneNote, as Microsoft are likely to completely retire wikis in the future.

I want to create a new wiki now, what should I do?

You should create a new OneNote document instead. To do this:

Is there any training on using OneNote?

There is information about OneNote and a link to OneNote training courses on LinkedIn Learning on the IT website.