Convert Microsoft Teams Wikis into OneNote

Microsoft have announced that Wiki's will be retired from Teams. Instead they are offering note taking capabilities through Teams Channels powered by OneNote.

Note: with this change users can continue to access and edit existing Wikis but cannot create new Wikis in Teams channels.  

This knowledge article will explain how you can export your Wiki content to OneNote notebooks in Teams standard channels. After exporting the Wiki you can go to the Notes tab to collaborate using OneNote in channels. 

How to export your Wiki content to OneNote in a Teams Standard Channel

1. Navigate to the Team Channel in question.

2. Select the 'Wiki' tab. You will see a yellow banner across the top of the page saying 'Wiki tabs in channels will go away starting in June 2023. You can export your content to the Notes tab, as a way to keep your content in this channel. Get details'. 

3. Select 'Get Details' on the right hand side of the message in the banner.

4. A new window will then appear telling you what to expect when you export your Wiki. 

5. Select 'Export to Notes' and another new window will appear showing your progress in the export. 

6. Once the export has finished and the 'Finish' button stops being greyed out select 'Finish'. 

7. Once completed it creates a 'Notes' tab in the Channel where the Wiki pages have been exported to. You will notice the original Wiki remains as a tab but only as read only. 


Why is Teams retiring wiki?

Microsoft believe their users’ needs for note taking are evolving every day and the current capabilities & infrastructure of Wiki will not be able to cater to those needs in future. They understand that moving away from wiki is a difficult change and we want to help our users throughout the changes.

How can I take notes in channels after this change?

New channels will now come with a OneNote notebook (M365 brand for note taking). OneNote brings goodness of richer formatting, better organization, search within OneNote app and keeps the experience consistent across M365.  

When & how are we retiring Wiki?

Stage 1: February 2023 to March 2023
Users won't be able to create new wikis, but they will be able to access—that is, read and write for—their existing wikis. Users can also export their content to OneNote. Once a user has done so, the Wiki version will be read-only. After exporting, each wiki in a channel will appear as a separate section in OneNote, and each wiki page will be a separate OneNote page.  

Stage 2: Mid-2023
In this stage, channels' Wiki tabs will no longer be supported. Users will still be able to access—that is, read and write—content in the Wiki app. It will be easy to navigate from the deprecated channel Wiki tabs to the Wiki app. Users will also be able to export their content to OneNote. As in Stage 1, it will no longer be possible to create new wikis. 

Stage 3: January 2024
From this point onward, neither Wiki tabs nor the Wiki app will be accessible through Teams. Users will no longer have the ability to export their wikis. However, users will still be able to download their wiki files from SharePoint. 

What happens to my existing data?

Your data is accessible from SharePoint as per retention policy even after Wiki is deprecated. You can download wiki content from SharePoint.

Does end user need to export wiki one by one or in bulk?

Users will have to export wikis one by one per Wiki tab. If there are more than wiki tabs in a channel, then users will have to export them separately. Users can export their wiki by visiting Wiki tab.

Who can export Wiki to Notes?

Any team member who has access to add/remove tab in a channel can export their Wiki.

Is there a bulk export option available at tenant level?

No, users can export their wikis as per their convenience.

What happens to my 'standard meeting' meeting notes that were previously saved as Wiki notes?

All pre-existing meeting notes will still be accessible and viewable as Wikis. Moving forward Microsoft will change the creation of  'Standard Meeting' meeting notes to be in OneNote rather than Wikis as in line with channel notes that this knowledge base article covers. 

Known limitation

OneNote notes only work in Default (Light) and High contrast mode.

For more information 

For more information from Microsoft with regards to the retirement of Wikis please follow the below link.,now%20a%20page%20in%20a%20OneNote%20notebook%20section.