Mediasite Mosaic


About Mediasite Mosaic

Mediasite Mosaic is a recording application which is available for Windows 10 (via the Microsoft Store) and macOS (via the App Store) 

Mosaic has replaced the Mediasite Desktop Recorder which is now unsupported.

Please be aware that Mosaic is only compatible with PCs and devices that have Windows 10, or newer and Macs running macOS Catalina or Big Sur. If you currently have a computer that isn’t compatible with Mosaic check the Create Digital Presentations: Options Sway to find out how to create digital content using alternative solutions.


Minimum Requirements

Windows 10 version 17763 or higher
Memory 8 GB (Recommended)
Video Memory 4 GB (Recommended)

Windows Video Guide


To install Mediasite Mosaic, visit the Microsoft Store

Click Get. You may be prompted to sign in with your University Microsoft account ( and your usual password).

Click Install and the app will automatically download to your computer. Once installed, you have the option to Pin to Start or Launch.

Microsoft Store


To get started, you must register Mediasite Mosaic. This is so the software can automatically upload recordings to your secure Mediasite storage area.

To register, visit 

Click on Register.

Mosaic will open and you need to click Allow or click OK depending on your browser

Once the application options, you will see your username in the top right hand corner. This is how you know the software is registered.

Registered in top right hand corner

Important: The first time you launch Mosaic, you will be asked to allow it access to your Camera and Microphone. Click Yes for both as you will not be able to record if you don't allow this.


To record, you must first select an audio device. 

Click on the microphone icon in the top left

Microphone input

Click on the microphone you want to use. A headset is recommended for best quality. Once it is highlighted blue, this means it is selected and will be used for recording.

Microphone input selected

If using a webcam do the same for the webcam icon to record video. This is optional.

To record your display, click on the display icon.

Choose display

Important: If you select a specific window, Mosaic will only record this window. If you want to record more than one application, we recommend selecting 'Share your display' and this will ensure your whole screen is captured. If you want to record a PowerPoint Presentation in slideshow mode, please make sure you select 'Share your display' to ensure your slideshow is recorded.

Share your display


Once you have selected all the inputs you want to record, click on the Record button at the bottom

Record in Mosaic

Important: Mosaic will remember the microphone and webcam inputs you select the next time the application opens so you don't have to select them each time. However, you will need to choose your display or window each time.

After clicking Record, Mosaic will count down and then the recording will begin. You can pause or end the recording by clicking on the Mosaic icon in the taskbar and clicking Pause or Stop (shown below):

Stop or pause recording

Once you stop the recording, this will automatically be uploaded to Mediasite.

You can check this by clicking on the Presentations tab. The status will say Uploaded and you will receive an email from Mediasite once the recording is ready to be shared in Mediasite.

Manage presentations

Bulk upload

Mosaic allows you to bulk upload MP4 videos to Mediasite. The quickest way to do this is to copy all of the videos you want to upload to Mediasite into a single folder (for example, on your desktop). 

Next, click on the three dots (...) in the top right corner of Mosaic

Choose Settings.

Settings in Mediasite Mosaic

Under the 'Import' heading, select 'Automatically upload imported presentations to My Mediasite'.


Click the Presentations tab in the top left of Mosaic.

Click Import (at the top right)

Click 'Import Folder'

Browse for the folder with your videos

Click 'Select Folder'.

Import Folder option

The videos will then automatically import into Mosaic and upload to Mediasite. Please do not close Mosaic until they have uploaded. 

Once uploaded, you will receive an email when they are available to watch in Mediasite

You can also click 'Add Watch Folder' and choose the folder that contains your videos. This means video files from any source can be added to a watched folder and then automatically be uploaded to Mediasite. Mosaic then watches for new content added to this folder and will automatically upload it if the options are configured.

Important: If you are planning to use the bulk upload feature in Mosaic, it is important to manage your content in Mediasite. Please see this article on managing quotas in Mediasite and moving content to module folders where appropriate.


Minimum Requirements

Operating system

macOS 10.15 or later


64-bit processor


4 GB

Disk space

At least 1 GB


Built-in or external camera and microphone

Video Guide


Mediasite Mosaic is installed via the App Store. This ensures you will always have the most current version and there will be no need to download a manual installer

To install Mosaic, visit the App Store on a Mac running Catalina or Big Sur

Screenshot of Mediasite Mosaic in the Mac App Store on Catalina



To make sure your recordings automatically upload to Mediasite, you need to register Mosaic. This only needs to be done once.

To register, visit the Mediasite registration website (you will be prompted to log in with your University username and password).

Under the Install & Register heading, click Register

Register option in Mediasite

You will be prompted to open Mosaic. Please allow this.

Mediasite Mosaic will launch and be ready to configure a recording. You will know that your copy is registered when you see your username in the upper right corner drop-down box



Choose the inputs you'd like to record and ensure the option is ticked.

Click on the microphone icon in the top left (shown below)

Record built-in microphone

Click on the microphone you want to use. A headset is recommended for best quality. Once it is selected, the recording button will turn red at the bottom and allow you to record.

Do the same for the webcam icon if you'd like to record video. This is optional.

Optional Webcam

To record your display, click on the display icon.

Record Display

The next time you open Mediasite Mosaic, your previously chosen options will already be selected.


Record using Mosaic

Once you have chosen your recording options you are ready to record.

To start recording, click the Record button

Once the recording begins the app will display a count down from 3 and automatically minimise to the dock. Your Mac's webcam light will be on if you are recording with your built-in camera. The Mediasite icon will be displayed in the macOS status menu (top right of the menu bar) anytime the app is recording.

To pause or finish the recording, click the Mediasite icon in the menu bar

Mediasite Recording Icon

When your recording is paused, the timer will flash red


Click the Record button again to resume the recording or Stop to finish the recording.

Your recording will then automatically upload to Mediasite. Once you receive an email confirming it is ready, you can then share or link your recording to a module in Minerva following this guide.


Bulk upload content to Mediasite

Mosaic includes a new feature which allows the bulk upload of MP4 videos to Mediasite. Using Watch Folders in Mosaic, video files from any source can be added to a watched folder and then automatically be uploaded to Mediasite. Mosaic then watches for new content added to this folder and will automatically upload it if the options are configured

To configure this in MacOS, you can add a new folder to Mediasite Mosaic

Select File

Select Import Folder

Big Sur preferences

Locate and select the folder you would like to import to Mediasite Mosaic

click Open

All MP4 and MOV files within the folder will be imported into Mediasite Mosaic and automatically uploaded to Mediasite