How to delete videos/recordings from Stream (Classic)

This article will explain how to delete videos (often referred to as recordings) that you are the owner of, from Stream (Classic).


How do I see the videos I own?

  1. Open a supported web browser and visit
  2. Sign in using <username>
  3. Click the waffle

  4. Click Stream, not Stream (On SharePoint)
  5. Click My content, then Videos
  6. Here you will see a list of all the videos that you own. To delete a video, please do the following:
  7. Click the pen icon next to a video
  8. From the nextscreen, click Delete Video

  9. Click Delete the Video to confirm.

I have deleted the wrong video, how do I restore it?

  1. Click the Recycle bin:
  2. Locate the deleted video(s), and click the restore icon on the right hand side.

  3. The video will then be restored.