Your inactive Dataverse for Teams environment will be disabled email message

This article is to explain the reason you have received an email from Microsoft Power Platform stating 'your inactive Dataverse for Teams environment will be disabled', what this actually means and what action you need to take to prevent anything being deactivated. 

What does the email look like? 

The email looks like the below picture and states that your inactive Dataverse for Teams environment will be disabled in seven, then in three days. 

Why have I received this email and what does it mean?

You have received this email as you are an owner of a Team that has at some point turned on or used an element of the Power Platform from within the Team. This could include a PowerBi report or a Power Automate flow that has been used in the Team or SharePoint site.

The reason for receiving this automated email is because the Power Platform element of your Team has been inactive for a long period of time. Therefore Microsoft are letting you know that the Power Platform environment will be disabled if no action is taken. The Team will not be disabled.

What will be disabled if I do not take action?

Whilst the email on the surface infers that if you do not take action your Team itself will be disabled, this is not the case. What it is saying is that if you do not take action the Power Platform environment connected to your Team will be disabled. This could be a Power BI report or a Power Automate flow that you have set up from your Teams or SharePoint environment. 

What do I need to do to prevent my Power Platform environment from being disabled?

In order for your Power Platform environment to not expire that is linked to your Team please follow the below steps: 

  1. In the email click on the sign in button (this will take you to the Power Platform Admin Centre) 
  2. In the top right of the screen you will see a box titled ‘Environment inactive’, within this box there is a button to ‘trigger environment activity’ 
  3. Please click trigger environment activity 
  4. Continue 

In following these steps it will change the deactivate date for your Power Platform environment to one year from the day you have completed the above process. 

When will my Team expire?

Team expiration it currently works on a rolling basis. This means that as long as your Team is being used it will not expire. As a Team Owner, if your Team does not have any activity happening in it you will be notified by email 30, 15 and One day before it is due to expire. 

If you would like to check the expiry date of your Team, please follow the below instructions (please note only Team Owners can check this): 

  1. Open Teams 
  2. Click into the team in question 
  3. Three dots next to the Team name 
  4. Manage Teams 
  5. Settings 
  6. Expand ‘Teams Expiration’ 
  7. Under there you will see the date that the team is due to expire. 

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