Mediasite - How to share content in Mediasite

This article shows you how to share content from Mediasite. The majority of Lecture Capture recordings are scheduled recordings which are automatically published to students via Minerva within 72 hours. For Ad-hoc Recordings and Personal Capture, content is always private until you choose to make it viewable.

A summary of quick links for the Mediasite sharing options can be seen below:

Only Me (Private)

Shared with Specific Users

Staff and Students in the University

Everyone (publicly available)

Please Note: Before making your content visible to others, it is your responsibility as the author to ensure you have considered legal issues such as copyright, right of others to opt out, accessibility and attribution. See more information on the Library website. Before sharing your content, you will need to wait until you receive a notification email that your recording is available and ready to be reviewed and edited (if required).

Here is a video showing how to share digital content (with further instructions below) and more information about the Mediasite sharing slide:

Log into Mediasite to view your content.

The closed padlock indicates that your content is private (shown below):

Click on the title of the video you want to share and scroll down to Who Can View?

Use the sharing slider to determine how you want to share your content. It is not automatically available just by changing the slider: you will need to send the Quick Link to allow users to watch it.


Only Me

By default, all content is private and only you can view it. If you share with others and change your mind, just move the slider back to Only Me (which makes the recording private again).


Only Shared Users

Choose this option to make your content available to specific individuals within the University.

You will need to specify who you want to share the content with by clicking on Share Presentation.

The Share Presentation dialogue box will open and you can type in the names of staff or students you'd like to share the content with.

Note: Double check you are selecting the correct email address to the person you are inviting to watch your content.

Once you have chosen the users you'd like to share with, click on Send Invite. Any users who are invited to view the content will receive an automatic email from Mediasite with a link to view the content (as shown below):

They will be prompted to log in to Mediasite to view this content after clicking on the link.


My Organisation

Choose this option to make the recording available to all staff and students within the University of Leeds.

You must use the Quick Link to share your content with users.

To get this link, click on the Share Presentation option and the Quick Link will be displayed at the top

Click Copy to get the link which can then be sent to others; for example, pasted into an email.

Users will still be prompted to log into Mediasite once they have received the link. 



Choose this option if you want to share your content publicly. There will not be any prompt to log in when this option is set.

Click and drag the sharing slider up to Everyone (shown below):


Embedding Mediasite Content

If you want to embed your Mediasite content, click on Share Presentation and choose the Embed tab.

Select the Embed Size (Small, Medium, Large or Custom). If in doubt, we recommending using the Medium setting which an be accessed by clicking the dropdown arrow under 'Embed Size' (shown below).

Once you have selected the embed size, click Copy.

You can then paste the embed code into a Web Content Management System (such as WordPress). The permissions levels discussed above still apply when embedding content.

If you require any further support, or advice about embedding content, please contact the IT Service Desk.