Would your boss really ask you to buy vouchers?

The University is being targeted by an email scam, where emails which appear to come from a senior member of staff ask the recipient to buy gift vouchers. 

In these types of scam, the scammer may impersonate a senior member of staff, spoofing their email address to make it look like the email has come from the University. The email may be personalised to make it seem more legitimate. 

The attacker urgently asks for help in purchasing gift cards, such as Apple iTunes gift cards. They may give a reason why they can't ask over the phone. Once the recipient is lured in, they ask them to reveal the security code and send photos of the vouchers showing the code, which allows the criminal to redeem the card’s value without actually possessing the card.

Stop, think!

  • Is it likely the person who appears to have sent the email would ask you to do this? 
  • Never comply with a request like this without checking with them in person or by phone first.  
  • Check the email address very carefully - are you sure it is from the University of Leeds? 

What to do if you receive a scam email

If you receive a message like this and are confident it is a scam, you can just delete it. 

If you have responded to it, or need advice, contact the IT Service Desk. 

Read our guidelines for handling spam and phishing emails