Software Exemption Request - for restricted software installation on university devices

Instructions on requesting the installation of restricted software via the Software Exception Request Form.


How to fill out the form

Examples of Restricted Software



The objective of using a software exemption request is to control the installation of any software known as a potential risk to the University data and network integrity.

The IT department is continually working on the digital safety of our students and staff, developing solutions to make academic software more easily accessible to our colleagues.

A list of approved software can be found on the Software A-Z page. We’re also working on making software available via AppsAnywhere, allowing users to install and run software on their computers without the need for admin rights for the installation.

There is still some software that will require special authorisation to be installed on your university work computer. The most common kinds of software are Virtual Machine/Virtualization, Cloud Storage & Remote Desktop software. If you would like to install one of these software for any purpose, you will need to fill out the software exception form, get it authorised by your Head of School/Service (or nominee) and then attach it to a request ticket to be analysed by the IT Governance, Risk and Compliance team.

How to fill out the form

It is mandatory that all fields are completed before sending your request. The form is available via this link, or it can be found on this page under the Related Requests field.

Computer name: The list will auto-populate with computers linked to your username on our records. If the device isn't listed, please select the option to manually input the computer name.

Data Classification: Details on how we classify data that might assist you when filling this part of the form can be found under Classification in the Information Protection Policy.

Faculty Sign-Off: The request must be authorised by your Head of School/Service (or nominee) due to the data risks involved in using non-approved software.

Examples of Restricted Software

Cloud Storage:

University-approved Cloud Storage solution: OneDrive - pre-installed on Windows computers and available for MacOS computers via App Store

FTP Clients:

Virtual Machine:

Remote Desktop:

University-approved Remote Desktop solution: Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway - available to all Windows computers and available for MacOS computers via App Store

Package Managers:

Other Software:

These are just examples, and this is a work-in-progress list that will constantly be receiving updates; depending on the software you are willing to install on your work computer, you might be instructed by a member of our IT department to fill out the Software Exception Request form.