Mediasite - Managing Videos As a Group Using Shared Folders

If you need to manage videos in Mediasite as a team this guide will show you how this can be managed. This may be useful if you share editing duties or need to manage visibility of videos.

PLEASE NOTE: Shared folders will not be created for scheduled teaching. These are already managed via module folders/channels.

Request the Shared Folder

This process replaces uses project accounts in Mediasite. It is no longer possible to use project accounts in Mediasite due to security policy.

First you will need a Shared Folder in Mediasite. If one has not been created please request one via   

We will need to know the following:

Upload the Recordings

Upload your recordings via (see for more details on how to do this)

Once uploaded make sure the video's permissions are set to inherit from the parent folder

A screenshot of Mediasite after clicking on the title of a video. The Edit Security option is highlighted.

Move the Recordings to the Shared Folder

Move the videos to the shared folder by following the guide at

When viewing the shared folder everyone with permissions to view the folder should see the videos whether viewable or private.

Managing Permissions on the Folder

To update permissions on the folder please log a call via