Captioning your Mediasite Content

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Captions in Mediasite are being automatically generated and will not be completely accurate. They may vary in quality depending on the ability of the technology to understand the voice and quality of the audio available. Closed captions will be added to all Mediasite content, irrespective of the quality of the captions. More information can be found on the Digital Practice website.

Please Note: Live captioning using Microsoft PowerPoint or Teams is completely separate to Mediasite captioning. More information can be found here.

Automatic Captioning in Mediasite

From 1st October 2020, Mediasite supports automatic captioning in line with government legislation. Any new Mediasite content uploaded after this date (in-room, Desktop Recordings and uploads) will be automatically submitted for captioning once it is made viewable. Therefore, if you want to edit your content, please make sure this is done before the content is made viewable.

To automatically caption your content, log into Mediasite.

After you have reviewed and edited your content, change the visibility of your content from Private to Viewable.

To do this, choose Edit Details and change the dropdown from private to viewable (shown below):

Viewable screenshot

Your content will be automatically submitted for automatic captioning and you will receive an email when the captions are ready.

Depending on the length of the content, this may take up to 24 hours to process.


Reviewing your Automatic Captions

Please Note: Mediasite captions will be automatically generated so will not be completely accurate. The captions can be reviewed and manually edited at any point after publication using the Mediasite Caption Editor.

To do this, click on the title of your video and choose Edit Captions from the options to the right of the video.

You can make manual changes to your captions by navigating to the relevant part of the video on the timeline and typing what you would like the captions to be. You can save time using Find and Replace which means if you find a word or phrase which is consistently incorrect, you can correct all mistakes at once e.g. replace all ‘media site’ entries with ‘Mediasite’.

Note: We recommend saving your video at regular intervals using the Save button at the top.

If you want to hide the captions from your video at any point, click 'Unpublish' (shown below). This will not delete the captions but means they will not be shown when the video is being watched. You can return to the Mediasite caption editor and click 'Publish' to make them visible again at any time.

Screenshot of Caption Editor in Mediasite

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you edit your video after captions have been processed and have saved your video to new using the Mediasite Web Editor, there is a known issue where Mediasite will not display captions correctly on the newly created video. It will include the captions of the original video and not the newly edited video. To resolve this, please use the process below for resubmitting the newly edited video manually for captions. If you have made any edits, during the caption editor, these will also be removed and need to be done again. We apologise for the inconvenience and have escalated this with Mediasite.


Submitting Mediasite content for captioning

If your content was created before 01 October 2020, you will need to follow the manual process below to enable automated captioning on this content.

ASR Verbit

You will receive a confirmation email when the captions have been generated. This may take up to 24 hours. You can log out of Mediasite and wait for the email.

Please Note: Users can choose whether to watch content with captions by selecting the 'CC' button next to the volume indicator in the Mediasite player (shown below):

Downloading a Transcript

Content owners will be able to download a text file of transcript of their captions (if required) by clicking on 'Download to Computer' then Download Captions.

Please Note: Only the content owner can do this and other users watching the video will not be able to access this file; for example, students watching the content via Minerva will not be able to view this transcript.

Human Captioning

Human captioning is available in Mediasite for students with disability requirements. If you believe there is a need for human captions, please complete this form which will be reviewed by the Disability Services Team.