Exporting and importing your browser's favourites

Learn how to export and import your Internet Explorer or Chrome favourites into Microsoft Edge


Exporting your browser’s favourites

Exporting your browser’s favourites can be useful if you are about to receive a new computer. This will allow you to quickly access websites you often use on your current device.

Internet Explorer (IE) officially retired and has been out of support since June 2022. This means you will not be able to use it on newer computers and will need to move to Microsoft Edge.

Important: Please ensure that you have saved the exported HTM or HTML file in OneDrive so that you can access it on any other device you may want to import your favourites.

Exporting your Internet Explorer browser’s favourites 

Follow the steps outlined below or the instructions provided by Microsoft (with video demonstration) to export your Internet Explorer browser's favourites as a HTM file.

  1. In the Internet Explorer browser, select ’View favorites, feeds, and history’ (or select Alt + C) to open ‘Favorites’.
  2. Under the ’Add to favorites menu’, select ’Import and export....’
  3. Select ’Export to a file’, and then select ’Next’.
  4. On the checklist of options, select ’Favorites’, and then select ’Next’.
  5. Select the folder that you'd like to export your Favorites from, and then select ’Next’.
  6. Type or browse to the location where you'd like your file exported.
  7. Select ’Export’ and then ’Finish’.
  8. Your Favorites will now appear in an HTM file in the location you've specified.
  9. You'll need to be able to access this file on your new device, so send this file to yourself, either by emailing it or by saving it to the cloud (OneDrive)

Exporting your Google Chrome browser's favourites

  1. On your computer, open Google Chrome. At the top right, click 'More'
  2. Select 'Bookmarks', then 'Bookmark manager'.A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated with medium confidence
  3. At the top, click 'More', then 'Export bookmarks'.Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated

Chrome exports your bookmarks as an HTML file. Use this file to import your bookmarks into another browser.

Importing your browser’s favourites into Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the University’s preferred browser. It is a faster, more secure and modern web browser that you can use to navigate online. Follow the steps below to import your browser's favourites (Internet Explorer or Chrome) into Edge.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge: You can open Microsoft Edge from the 'Start' or 'Search' menus, or by clicking on the 'Microsoft Edge' icon on your desktop or taskbar.

  1. Open the Favorites menu: On the top-right corner of Microsoft Edge, click on the star icon, and then again on the 3-dot menu almost below it. Finally, select 'Import favorites'.
  2.  Import the HTM file: The 'Import browser data' pop-up window will open. Click on 'Choose what to import'. Next, in the 'Import from field', select 'Favorites or bookmarks HTML file'. Finally, select 'Choose file'. Navigate to the folder containing your exported HTM (Internet Explorer) or HTML (Google Chrome) file. Select the HTM or HTML file and click on 'Open'. Your Internet Explorer favorites should now be available on Microsoft Edge.