Saving favourites in browser (Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome)

This guide will show you how to save favourite web addresses on your browser of choice. This feature can help you access web addresses faster, save them for later and organize them into folders. 

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are fast, secure and modern web browsers that you can use to navigate online.   

  • You can open Microsoft Edge from the Windows start menu or by clicking the Microsoft Edge icon if you see it on your desktop or taskbar.   
  • Google Chrome might not be automatically available on your device; therefore, you will have to download the browser from the internet.   

If you are transitioning from a Windows 7 device to a newly replaced Windows 11 device, please consult this article on how to export and import your favourites from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome. 


Creating favourites in Microsoft Edge 

1. Visit the website you wish to save. 

2. Once at the website you will see a hollow star symbol at the end of the address bar:

 Location of the star symbol - Upper right side of the browser

3. When the star symbol is clicked, you will see a menu that allows you to choose a folder to save the bookmark in.

4. Choose a folder to save the favourite in or create a new folder entirely. If you wish for your favourite to be displayed on the 'bookmarks bar' then save it into the folder listed as 'Favourites bar'.

Displaying the favourites bar on Microsoft Edge 

The Favourites bar will display on a bar below the address bar. This means you can access them faster than entering a favourites page and is useful for links you access frequently. 

For this to be displayed, you must enable it from the "..." menu found on the top right of the browser. Select 'Settings' > 'View favourite settings', you can then enable the 'Show favourites bar' button. 

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Creating bookmarks in Google Chrome 

Note: Favourites are referred as “Bookmarks” in Google Chrome 

There are three ways to create a bookmark in Google Chrome: 

1. Click and drag from the Address bar icon to the bookmarks bar  

2. Click on the star symbol at the end of the address bar, choose the bookmark folder, click 'Done' 

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3. Click the menu button, select 'bookmarks' and then select 'Bookmark this page' 

Creating folders for filing bookmarks in Google Chrome 

To make the organization of favorites simpler, we can create a folder for filing the bookmarks into their respective groupings. To create a folder, right-click the bookmarks bar or the bookmarks menu and select 'Add folder...' 

To file a bookmark into a folder you can click and drag the bookmark on top of the folder.   

Displaying the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome  

By default, Google Chrome will not show the bookmarks bar and will only be accessible through the Menu (vertical three dots).  

In the Menu, select 'Bookmarks' > 'Show bookmarks bar'   

Once enabled, the bookmarks bar will be displayed below the address bar of Google Chrome, if you have saved any bookmarks these will be displayed in this bar.