Jamf Connect

Macs are being migrated to a new way of logging in, using a system called Jamf Connect. Where this system is in use, you may be presented with either of the following screens:

Local LoginMacBooks and single-user machines
Network LoginMulti-user machines e.g. student clusters

First-time sign-in on each machine.

If you have not previously signed into the present machine, you will need to use the Microsoft Entra ID Login function to authenticate who you are and create your account.

Authentication may use Duo, so please have your registered Duo device to hand.

A short macOS account set-up process will follow, after which you will be logged into your new account.

This process will need to be repeated for each new machine you use, or if any machine you have previously used has subsequently been re-imaged.

Subsequent log-in

Where you have previously set up your account on a given machine, you do not need to use the Microsoft Entra ID Login method, although you may do so if you choose.

At the Jamf Connect login window, select the Local Login button at the foot of the screen (if the machine has not selected this by default).

Enter your simple username i.e. without the @leeds.ac.uk suffix.

Enter your account password.

You will be taken straight into your account as previously set up on the machine.


Most Mac devices are encrypted. Where this is the case, and immediately after a reboot, you will not see the Jamf Connect login window, rather, a list of users allowed to unlock the encrypted disk or the normal username & password fields.

If you have previously logged onto the device but, immediately after a reboot, do not see your name in the list, or are not able to log in using the username and password fields, it is possible that your account has been deleted, most commonly as a result of the machine being re-imaged during maintenance. Ask another user (one of the listed users if they are shown) to sign in to unlock the disk, then sign out (do not restart the machine), to allow you to log in from the Jamf Connect login window using Microsoft Entra ID Login to re-create your account.

If the Jamf Connect login window displays a solid black or white square instead of the Microsoft sign-in form, this indicates the lack of an Internet connection. Please ensure that your network cable is properly connected, or that you have logged onto a WiFi network with Internet access e.g. a home WiFi network or mobile hotspot on your phone. 

NB WiFi options are not currently working with eduroam.

Once reconnected to the Internet, the Microsoft sign-in form should appear automatically within a few seconds. If not, use the Refresh button to re-scan for a connection or, failing that, reboot the machine.

If problems persist, please contact the IT Service Desk - https://it.leeds.ac.uk or +44 (0)113 343 3333.