How to duplicate a Microsoft Form to move it between accounts

This article will explain the process for moving a Microsoft Form from one account to another. This will allow you to change the ownership and management responsibilities of a Microsoft Form. This process will not copy across the responses provided so it would be best to export those if you need to retain them. 

Log into with the account that the Microsoft Form belongs to. Once logged in access Forms by clicking on the nine dots in the top left and clicking on 'Forms'.

This should open the interface for managing your 'Forms' in a new tab. Click on the form you would like to move to another account to open it. 

Once the form has opened click on the three dots in the top right and then 'collaborate or duplicate'.

This will open a column with two options. Click on 'share as a template' and it will provide a link you can share to duplicate the form. 

Provide the link to the person whose account you are moving the form to. Once copied into their browser they should see something like the screen below. 

Click on 'duplicate it' and it will create a copy on their account. The form has now been duplicated on another account and can be managed from there instead.