How to move OneDrive files into a Teams group

This article will provide the process for moving files from a OneDrive location into a Teams group's file storage. 

You may want to do this to collect files into a collaborative storage space. 

Access your OneDrive file storage by logging into in your web browser. 

Once logged in, click on the icon pictured below (nine dots in the top left) to access your OneDrive location. 

Your OneDrive storage should now open in a new tab. To begin the process for moving a file into a Teams group find the folder or file you would like to move and click on the three dots next to it. Select 'move to' if you would like to not retain a copy of the file or 'copy to' if you would like to retain a copy in the original location. 

Once you have clicked one of these options, the window pictured below should open. 

Select the Team that you would like to move or copy the files to in either the quick access bar or by selecting 'more places...'. This should present you with a view of the Teams that you are a member of. 

You then have the ability to choose where in the Teams storage you would like to move/copy the files to. Select an appropriate location in your Teams storage (in the picture below you would be copying to the 'documents' folder). 

Click 'copy here' once you have decided where you would like the files to be and this will complete the migration of the files from OneDrive to Teams.

You can then check the files are in that location by opening Teams, navigating to the Teams group and selecting the 'files' tab.