What is it?

STATA is a statistical software package used for data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and automated reporting.

STATA is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Where is it available?

STATA is available via AppsAnywhere

The software can be accessed from the following locations:

Mac and Linux users with personal devices can access a local download of STATA via AppsAnywhere. After clicking the STATA download button you will need to accept a user agreement. You will then be redirected to a folder which contains the installation files and instructions.

If you use a University-owned Mac or Linux machine, you can request the software via an "Install Software" request- see related request.

Further information and support

The University of Leeds has a 3-year site licence in place for STATA, until 30th September 2026. This includes STATA versions up to and including STATA MP2 (i.e. STATA IC, STATA SE and STATA MP2). The site licence does not cover versions higher than MP2. STATA 18 is the current supported version.

The licence for the AppsAnywhere of STATA is updated annually. The current licence has an expiry date of 1st October 2024. If you use the AppsAnywhere version of STATA and the licence hasn't updated correctly, please remove STATA from your cloudpaging player and then launch STATA again via AppsAnywhere.

If you have a locally installed version of STATA, and need to renew your licence, please see the related article about updating your STATA licence.

More information can be found at: STATA support

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