SAP Logon app - updating to a supported version

The Windows application 'SAP Logon' needs to updated periodically to ensure that an up-to-date, and supported version, is used when connecting to the University of Leeds SAP environments. The software company, SAP SE, have a support lifecycle for the application or graphical user interface (GUI) as it is also known as. We need to ensure that we are using the supported version (version 7.70 which is supported until April 2024) to avoid compatibility or security issues.

Depreciating SAP Logon 7.50 and SAP Logon 7.40

Older versions of the SAP Logon application (versions 7.40 and 7.50) are no longer supported by the software company SAP SE. The current supported version (SAP Logon 7.70) is available and should be installed and used on university laptops and personal computers.

The SAP Logon application version is checked when logging into the university SAP environment, this ensures that old, incompatible or unsupported versions are not used. Login from older versions will be prevented. The plan is to prevent the use SAP Logon versions 7.50 and 7.40 from 31st December 2022. When logging into SAP Production using SAP Logon versions 7.50 and 7.40 a warning will be issued until 31st December when logging on will be prevented. The version of SAP Logon should be updated to version 7.70 before 31st December 2022.

Updating to SAP Logon 7.70

The University of Leeds Software Center is a way of installing and updating software onto your work Windows personal computer or laptop without the need to contact the IT Service Desk. The SAP application (SAP Logon 7.70) is available from the University of Leeds Software Center and can be found by searching 'SapGUI 770'. Please see the related article 'How to install software to your work PC via the Software Center' for further guidance.

Using windows virtual desktop (WVD)

If access to SAP is desired, but the SAP logon application cannot be used on the PC or laptop, access to SAP is available via the widows virtual desktop.

Windows 7

If your PC or laptop is running Windows 7 it will not be possible to update the SAP Logon version to version 7.70. Please see related article 'Windows 7 Operating System: End of Life' for information on support for Windows 7.

Further assistance

If you need any assistance using SAP, Software Center, Windows Virtual Desktop or any other IT matter please see - How to get IT help. If you can't find the help you need, you can use the self service forms on the IT website to log an incident (if something is broken) or submit a request (if you need something.)